Established Mac Repair Experts

MAC Repair and Services

We cater for the repair and service of all models of Mac Laptops and PCs including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, IMacs and custom builds.

  • Mac Health Checks

    We run a standard set of tests here in our Reigate Worshop to identify any issues and problems that are affecting your Mac performance. This include battery condition and charging Cycle, Fan efficiency and start-up/operating performance

  • Mac Hardware Upgrades

    Improve the performance and speed of your Mac with a Memory upgrade or addition of an SSD Drive SSD upgrades

  • Mac Software Upgrades

    Install and commission the latest compatible version of Mac O/s for your device

  • Mac Repair

    We repair damaged screens, replace faulty batteries, change damaged cables , replace fans, charges and more. If you have purchased your own replacement parts then we can fit and test those for you

  • Data Recovery and Transfer

    Do you need to recover data from an old or faulty Mac and transfer you data to a New Mac or back-Up disk? We can help you with that

  • Mac Training

    New to Macs and need some training ? We can help you on-line, at home or at a pre-booked session in the Reigate Shop